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The Cubs swept St. Louis, 4 games no less.  Brings them within 15 games of the division lead.  LOL.  Good to see Juan Pierre doing his thing, and Z making a spirited campaign at the Cy Young, whilst trying to will a fundamentally flawed team to a mathematical improbability. 

Z.  Los.  Call him anything you want, just call him a baseball player as well.  He pulled the fake bunt/slash hit today.  Love him.  Bag of tricks is huge.  He gives a ****.  Imagine that. 


Peace, E Maj

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ESPNews titled its headline the Great Zambino?  as Carlos hit his 4th HR of the season. 

As I’ve chronicled here many a time, best player in Chicago.  That’s my story, and I love Z.  His Slugging % is now .435.  Noice.  They should DH him in Inter-league play next year. 

It’s nice to see Zambrano and Maddux get wins back to back with less than par outings.  They’ve been robbed too many times in the last two years.

Peace, E Maj



Z steals a base yesterday.  He is my favorite player in the majors bar none.  People give him **** for his histrionics.  He plays with heart.  If the Cubs ever let him go, I will mobilize the Phantom Farter squad on the Tribune Co.  for my next 3 lifetimes.  Extra baked beans too. 

Here’s his line this year: 9-3, 3.23 E.R.A, 131 IP, 93 Hits, 72 BB, 131 K’s.

This, for a 35-55 squad.  Here’s to you, Z.  I’m toasting my first 12 High Lifes to you today. 

Peace, E-Maj


The Follies of My Favorite Player in Chicago

Carlos Zambrano is 25 years old(according to his birth certificate).  He is the BBHeckler’s favorite son based on one thing.  He ******* cares.  Everyone loves to talk about Wood and Prior picking their nose the wrong way.


"Z" is 6’5" 250 lbs.  Averaging 215 IP, 14+ Wins and 185 K’s the last 3 years.  Cubs #1 starting pitcher.  Yet no one talks about him.

Forget his pitching.  I’ve seen him drag bunt for a hit.  I’ve seen him slide in to 3rd base for 1 of his 2 triples last year.  Sac Flys.  Attentive on the basepaths.  He batted .300 last year.  He CARES!! 

Emotion???…So what?…He cares!!..Isn’t that refreshing?

A BBHeckler favorite if there ever was one, and Z will appreciate the said emotional ‘funny’ we caught:

After getting out of a bases loaded jam against Cincy, Z was pumped up, shaking his fist like crazy as he stormed off the field, as he is wont to do.

Check this out: He almost choked on his bubblegum in the hysterics, and coughed it up as he crossed the baseline, lest he choke on it.


Z, keep it up brutha.

Peace, E Maj