Back in the Saddle


Back in the saddle!! 

**What up with the alien-like substance on Kenny Rogers hand?  Reader and longtime friend DeezNuts wants answers!  Oh, I’ve had 17 people ask me that.  I’ve asked many of my sources.  Answer:  No ******* clue.  Pine tar?  Dirt?  It was so overt that one almost can’t assume any tomfoolery.  We investigate anyway.  Send me your vibes.**

**Jim Leyland is the man**

**If this series goes 6 or 7(which it’s looking like), E Maj is working on going live Detroit-style**

**It’s kinda funny watching Dusty be part of a broadcast crew.  Playing the game.  I think he was a decent manager in the 90s, and now is just a shrill.  Just my humble opinion.**

**Buck O’Neill died.  Didn’t cover it.  Negro League pioneer and stud.  Will cover it.**

**On a related note, look forward to next year when A.C. and I expose the Tribune Company for……well, you’ll just have to wait…it’s been a fun year!**

**I love baseball**

**Is it me or are the best ‘teams’ advancing these days?  Marlins, then WhiteSox, then Detroit/Cards…for all the negativity surrounding baseball, the Renaissance is here, let’s embrace it.**

Peace, E Maj


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