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Back in the Saddle


Back in the saddle!! 

**What up with the alien-like substance on Kenny Rogers hand?  Reader and longtime friend DeezNuts wants answers!  Oh, I’ve had 17 people ask me that.  I’ve asked many of my sources.  Answer:  No ******* clue.  Pine tar?  Dirt?  It was so overt that one almost can’t assume any tomfoolery.  We investigate anyway.  Send me your vibes.**

**Jim Leyland is the man**

**If this series goes 6 or 7(which it’s looking like), E Maj is working on going live Detroit-style**

**It’s kinda funny watching Dusty be part of a broadcast crew.  Playing the game.  I think he was a decent manager in the 90s, and now is just a shrill.  Just my humble opinion.**

**Buck O’Neill died.  Didn’t cover it.  Negro League pioneer and stud.  Will cover it.**

**On a related note, look forward to next year when A.C. and I expose the Tribune Company for……well, you’ll just have to wait…it’s been a fun year!**

**I love baseball**

**Is it me or are the best ‘teams’ advancing these days?  Marlins, then WhiteSox, then Detroit/Cards…for all the negativity surrounding baseball, the Renaissance is here, let’s embrace it.**

Peace, E Maj


Tigers Win!

Tigers advance past the Yanks!  Congrats Detroit fans!  Sitting past the witching hour watching woodworkers re-model the bookstore.  Will have plenty more tomorrow.  Peace out!

peace, E Maj


Playoff Seeds w/E Maj

**A’s take 2 in Minnesota.  Is it Oakland’s year?  The irony would be that Beane went away from his formula, or at least adjusted it.  To that, I say, as a big Moneyball critic, kudos Billy.**

**Playoff baseball is great**

**If you step outside the shower to take a pee, you are fired from reading anything I ever write**

**A great example of how America has been over-corporatized over the last decade is watching ESPN’s evolution.  The Armani suits/style contests by the vee-jays are over the top……In related news, I’m dusting off my 3-piece so I can go talk baseball with my buddies at the pub**

**Watching the Dodgers, reminiscing, I can’t get Kirk Gibson’s home run blast against Eck outta my head..Aahhh, sweet!**

**Pads lose to the Cards, and all I can think of is  Giles(?) mis-executing the bunt that led to a 1-6-3 double play**

**If it’s possible, I think the Yanks were not talked up this year…hmmm…Wang seems a good proxy for that theory**

**Mea culpa:  I’ve taken the last 2 of the last 3 Sundays off from baseball….Chicago Bears tailgates have been off-the-charts this year**

**Playoff baseball: just win baby!**

Peace, E Maj


Rangers win the World Series(next year)

Buck Showalter was fired today as manager of the Texas Rangers, which means a World Series title is imminent in Arlington. 

Fired by the New York Yankees in 1995, the Bronx Bombers proceeded to win 4 of the next 5 World Series titles.  Fired by Arizona in 2000, the D-Backs won their first ever World Series title the next year. 

Perhaps Buck prepares these teams to win, but is just grating enough to wear out his welcome as they hit the shaft part of their ‘hockey stick growth’.

Peace, E Maj


p.s. Dusty article posted at www.spikesballparks.com , I’ll run it here in a couple days…l8r

Playoff Picture

Content has slowed a bit over here admittedly, as I am heavily involved with the new bookstore mission, www.transitionsbookplace.com .  Playoffs are here however, and I’ll be posting as much as possible.  Still sticking with LADodgers to win it all, my pre-season pick.  It was supposed to be the year of Grady’s revenge but my Boston RedSox fell apart around the time their heart and soul, Jason Varitek went down with injury.  Both New York teams, the A’s, Tigers, and Cards were also E Maj faves.  Bit the bag on picking Cleveland to finish much higher.  Let’s say the Dodgers over the Yanks in 6. 

Peace, E Maj

p.s. even though we’re started, feel free to send playoff picks to me at e-maj@spikesballparks.com

Playoff Push

Alright.  Alright.  I’m going into the lab to crank out an essay, it’s ripe to be picked outta my head.  Y’all know my picks.  Still going with Grady’s Revenge and my pre-season pick of LADodgers over Boston.  I want to hear who y’all think is going to bring home the prize.  Post a comment here, or email me at e-maj@spikesballparks.com

Peace, E Maj

I’m More Excited Than:

**WORLD SERIES!!!!!….I’d say I’m more excited than a kid in a candy store, but that’s a Rogersism(Phil)….hmmm…let’s go there…

I’m more excited than:

–a mediocre hack golfer sinking a 20 foot birdie putt, for his only birdie of the year–

–the one time in 5 years you watch a movie that doesn’t have a predictable ending–

–finding twenty bucks in your jeans unexpectedly–

–the day I found a Mechanic who had the courtesy to give me the reach-around–

–a trust fund baby who just turned 18–

–when you ask the hottest chick in the room to dance and she says yes–

–Jay Mariotti when he plays a tape of himself back to himself–

–a 6th grader on the last day of school–

–a teenager getting their 1st driver’s license–

–finishing a crossword puzzle–

–eating a Taco Burrito and not having it ruin my internal plumbing the next 3 days–

…the only 2 things that were so much better were dating/marrying my wife, and the birth of my little girl, and everything she learns every single day…

The World Series is our sports holiday, I hope it’s a good one, and I hope we can enjoy it together….

Quick Seeds:

**What Phil Rogers DIDN’T point out in his column today(although it was a decent column, was the only reason I’m not picking the WhiteSox in 5 games….the Sox bullpen has pitched a total of 7 innings in 21 days..ONE reliever will pitch more than that in a normal 3 week sample…simulated games to prepare them? save it…oh yeah, that’s the same, because there’s an L-screen on the mound in the real games right?…the Sox ‘pen will blow at least one game…so I’ll go with the WhiteSox in 6 games….**

**If the World Series wasn’t in Chitown, I’d be here http://upcoming.org/event/34033/… (tks Toddo from www.minyanville.com **

**I have a rub without the tug(massage) scheduled in an hour, yet due to a dietary fast have the worst flatulent gas of my life……I’ll let you know how that works out**

**you probably saw it but I thought it was great when after Game 5 Brad Ausmus grabbed the airplane microphone while 30,000 feet above in the air, and razzed Brad Lidge, "If you look out to the left, you’ll see Albert Pujols’ home run ball still travelling"…nice..**

**BREAK-IN!!!!…I am quitting my day job to pursue and develop Heckler Nation and follow my baseball dreams.  This life change needed a 60% majority and just narrowly received it in a close 9-6 vote between my 15 personalities.  A deciding factor was that ‘Amoeba Mariotti’ T-shirts now can be a tax-write off**

**I have 3 great articles I’m putting the finishing touches on, keep checking in**

Bonus Yogiism– ‘Always go to other people’s funerals; otherwise they won’t go to yours."–Yogi Berra

Peace, E Maj….reach me at ericm1@nase.org