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Rut Roh Raggy!


Looks like AJ Burnett, whom the Toronto Blue Jays signed to $55 million guaranteed over 5 years, is going to miss his first 2 starts due to a ‘minor’ elbow injury.  Methinks we’re going to have to come up w/a new rule for aspiring GMs(Toronto GM J.P.Ricciardi  signed him).

We’ll call it the "Don’t give a guy who’s never won more than 12 games in a year $315,000 guaranteed per start over the next 5 years, especially when he’s 1 year removed from ‘throwing his team under the bus’, and three years removed from elbow surgery’ Rule.

$600,000 paid, zero starts made(and counting).

Peace, E Maj

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The Big Skirt

He’s an idiot," Williams said in a6½-minute, profanity-laced interview. "He’s selfish. That’s why we
don’t miss him. And we’ve held it in for far too long. And if you go
out there and look long and hard enough, you’ll find particulars. But
I’ve got something to say directly to him. And I’m holding back as much
as I can because, unlike him, I’ll say it man-to-man, face-to-face."


Wow.  First Sosa.  Now Frank Thomas.  The 2 biggest baseball faces(pun intended) in Chicago over the past decade.  In this instance, Thomas has continued to direct his petulant comments towards the Whitesox organization, something he did WHILE he was part of said organization as well.  Kenny Williams has had enough apparently.  The Kenny/Ozzie show, while sometimes erratic, is very real.  They ‘Say what they mean, and they do what they say.’  It’s very refreshing.  Telling the truth.  Imagine that.  How one feels.  And not some backhanded clouded way, or with groupthink so not one is held accountable.  Isn’t it apropos that Thomas is now with the Oakland A’s/Billy Beane, both of whom’s over-indulgence w/statistics, ultimately leads to failure in a team game.  Match made in non-heaven. 

Peace, E Maj