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Possible Improbable

What was once unimaginable, is becoming more and more a possibility.   Tribune Co. exploring alternatives to boost shareholder value. 



Peace, E Maj



Playoff Push

**Twinks gain another game on Detroit, leaving them 1/2 game back with 12 left to play.  My 7 to 1 action on Detroit to win the AL Central is looking precarious.  Doh.**

**Wondering if the Twins brought Liriano back too soon, salivating at the prospects of a Santana/Liriano 1-2 punch in the playoffs**

**Oakland with a 6 game lead with 10 left to play.  Now we get to watch the annual Moneyball collapse, and management calling the playoffs a fluke.  Moneyball is so out.  Kinda like Newtonian physics.  Can’t get the essence of a machine by taking it apart.**

**Can someone please end the Cubs season?**

**Florida made a heckuva run.  Maybe they are the new model for small market teams**

**Is it me or is no one talking about the Yankees this year?  If true, maybe it’s their year**


E Maj


Stop! Zito Time!

SP Victor Zambrano of the NYMets blew out his elbow Saturday night, not informing manager Willie Randolph or the Mets coaching staff of its tender condition prior to pitching. http://newyork.mets.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20060506&content_id=1440797&vkey=news_nym&fext=.jsp&c_id=nym

Steroids?  Who knows?  Maybe Zambrano tried to pitch through a legitimate injury all season KNOWING what the perception would be if he went down with injury.  The fact we have to speculate on such a thing IS the stain on the game.  And why any writer worth their salt who isn’t about rooting out the truth need to check their credentials.  No worries, the Internet is changing all of that. 

BBHeckler Exclusive(1st in):  My top source calls me and says expect NYMets GM Omar Minaya to go after Oakland LHP Barry Zito hard.  Zito for top NYmets prospect OF Lastings Milledge and major league-ready pitcher Aaron Heilman. 

Zito is a free agent at the end of the season, and this has Oakland GM Billy Beane written all over it. 

Expensive for the Mets?  Probably.  But this team was constructed to take a shot at the big prize, and Minaya is a risk-taker. 

Peace, E Maj