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Old Time Baseball

Old School Tales from the Front. 

Our Sunflower Seeds notable quotable, Mr. Yogi Berra(famous Yankees catcher)himself was known as a ‘Mooch’.  Instead of buying his own toiletries, he would grab and use those of his teammates.  Knowing this, Mickey Mantle grabbed Whitey Ford’s deodorant bottle and put it in a place where Yogi would be sure to see it.  (this bottle contained a secret concoction of turpentine, rosin, and baby oil, which Whitey employed to throw his "mudballs").  Sure enough, Yogi used the stuff and was heard hollering that his arms were stuck to his sides.  The team trainer used alcohol to try and dissolve the concoction, but in the end, they had to shave Yogi’s armpits.

Peace, E Maj