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Cubs (Un)Nation

Busy as a bee over here.  The bookstore (www.transitionsbookstore.com ) is exciting and new(for me) and I’m focusing a lot of energy on it.   I’ll try to amp up the postage volume heading into the playoffs.  Another killer essay for www.spikesballparks.com is percolating in my head; these usually take 4-7 days from conception to incubation to demonstration. 


There is a general malaise around Wrigleyville right now.  An apathy not seen maybe ever.   Sure, the Cubs are 29 games below .500.  Yet that never stopped people from going to the World’s Biggest Beer Garden(bleachers), and filling the house.  This year the Cub fan is disengaging like never before.  There have been games where there are hardly 20,000 fans.  It is my belief that after years of the Tribune Co. ‘kicking the dog’ and pimping Cubs fans, they finally are not coming back.  Corporate daddies sluttin’ benjamins.  Not no mo’. 

The Tribune Co. sells the Cubs in 3 to 5 years.  You heard it here first. 

Peace, E Maj



Conjunction Junction

It really bites when you’re writing a piece and you forget how to spell the words ‘the’ and ‘and’. 

Bob Howry gives up a walk-off grand slam to Gary Bennett as the Cubbies get swept by St. Louis.  That qualifies as a new way to lose, doesn’t it?  Gary Bennett?  Props to Gary, it was a no-doubter. 

Gonna write all day today, I be back. 

peace, E maj




The Cubs found a taker for Neifi?  64 yr-old bartender Bill(an institution) from Will’s Northwood’s Inn in Chicago offers, "At least one of my prayers was answered."

I’ve heard Neifi is a really good dude, yet his mediocre play and Dusty penciling him into the lineup every day sparked talk in these parts of whether or not Neifi holds pictures of Dusty with small farm animals. 

I used to posit that Whitesox fans had T-shirts ‘W.W.N.D?—do the opposite.’ What would Neifi Do?

Peace, E Maj



A great day.  As they all are.  At least every one when you’re not taking a dirt nap.  And then you won’t know it anyway, so who cares.  I was kicked out of the grocery store for being there with roller-blades on.  Hey, I’m doing my part to lower gas prices. 

"You have to take those off sir, it’s against the rules."

E-Maj: "Why?"


I left politely and with a smile.  Too funny.  "I jus wan sum cheez".  Cheese acquired elsewhere.  Mmm, Barbeque. 

Headed to see my RedSox play the WhiteSox.  Seeing Lester for the first time.  Cool.  Buehrle coming off perhaps his worst outing ever, against the Cubs no less.  Should be good.  BIG PAPI!!!!

If I get a wireless signal down on the South Side, I’ll post.  Until then, see ya when I see ya.

Peace, E Maj


Form over Function


In the "Can I please have some of the paste you’re eating?" department, the Anaheim Angels sent down rookie RHP Jered Weaver to Triple-A, and activated Bartolo Colon. 

Weaver was 4-0 in with a 1.37 ERA in four starts since being promoted. 

If things sometimes seem backwards in the baseball world, it’s because they are.

Peace, E Maj


Sox On Parade: Airplane-Style

(to help steer you from the near constant redundancy of MLB/ESPN reporters, and, because E Maj has located another tub of glue paste that he likes to eat….we bring you this….he’s on assignment tomorrow, and has promised us a coherent take on the Redline Series debacle once he returns….will he return?..how the **** do I know?….enjoy!?…—ED.)

In the 2nd inning today, on a bang-bang knockdown play at the plate, Michael Barrett threw a big right-hand at A.J Pierzynski and benches cleared.   (whoops, I was playing an ESPN reporter for my acting class….how ’bout instead we go to the actors from Airplane, the movie, for their take)

"yo, down on 35th there was a lot of extra-curricular on the baseball front!….Lost then found Jedi A.J.Pee used his ‘Force’ to induce non-home Cub dog M.B. to de-brain himself into a 20-game solstice…

1/2 million Barrett benjies out courtesy of TribWhoreCo w/the bouncer MLBCo…fight in the sandbox, old school, Cubs frontin’ feelin’ the DumpDusty heat…Wizard of Oz, fading the peeps true wit voice of reason…Venezuelan Colombo, true dat…

Cubbie go limp, Neifi-style, doin’ 2nd baseman lineup like a crack and a pipe….shiiiiittt…Daley laughin’ at Blago-Blagovich, grabbin’ straight no cherry…

faithful north blasphemous convertin’, sick o’ drinking Mold Pile(Old Style) and Dusty junk…Rock Raines havin’ so much good times he no need not the…..Ahhh, the WhiteSox is good….

Peace, E Maj


Daily Pickle

**the new-to-be ratified Steroids Policy is a big step in the right direction, but until they actually test blood, not urine there will always be perps  http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2227206 **

**Cubs sign Scott Eyre, LH RP to 3yrs 11 million, http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=36065 to beef up their bullpen, something I’m sure Cubs fans can look forward to in 2007, when Davey Johnson, Bob Brenly, or Bobby Valentine may be managing it**

**Heckler has been uber-critical of the RedSox, and their 2006 chances, but would be remiss not to allow for the chance Schilling and Foulke come back strong, and also that Wade Miller will be 2 years removed from major arm surgery(typically when pitchers regain their strength and stuff), and could return to #1 or #2 starter status**

**Mets and O’s pursuing Delgado….Rangers turn attention to Matt Morris and away from A.J. Burnett, who reportedly has received two 5-yr offers, Toronto and an unnamed team….Ramon Hernandez talking with Arizona and the NYMets….and although it’s hard to see Trevor Hoffman leaving SD, with 2yrs 10 million on the table, he has talked to Atlanta… word out of Chicago is the WhiteSox are talking an Aaron Rowand for Juan Pierre deal…makes sense given Ozzieball**

**Jason Bay rewarded by Pittsburgh w/a 4yr 18million dollar contract…nice to see Pitt spend some dough**

Peace, E Maj