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Thirteen Questions

we here at the BBHeckler believe it’s often better to have some of the questions, rather than all of the answers, here’s 13

1)Donde’ esta’ Sammy Sosa?

2)How many homeruns will Albert Pujols hit this year?

3)Has the MLB Player’s Union been emasculated, i.e., lost power, through this whole Steroids mess?

4)Why are so few writer/readers talking about Mike Lowell(.331 BA, 21 doubles) as an AL all-star other than those on this Weblog?

5)Has ESPN reached critical mass?

6)Who wants in on a historic, stealth, snow-whiffleball game next winter?

7)How long before the Cubs Dump Dusty?

8)Why was leading statistical site Baseball Prospectus so anti-Guillen, Little, Leyland the past 2 years, and also at the Chicago Pizza Feed?

9)Will Barry Bonds make the Hall of Fame?  Sosa? Palmiero? McGuire? and how will the Steroids Era be remembered 50 years from now?

10)When will Dr. Scholl’s call me to be their foot odor spokesman?

11)Why have no writers cracked on Billy Beane for the fact Moneyball may be  flawed and he may have realized that this year?

12)Will the Tigers fade?

13)Are the Yankees done?  Are they not just because I just posed that?..(lol)

many more questions, let’s make this a weekly thing!…

Peace, E Maj


p.s. thanks for everything…baseball fun has just begun!