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I got My Mojo Workin’

Awwwrriggghttt!.  Baseball is here, my peeps.  And now we can start planning Operation Whoopee Cushion(whoops, inside voice again).  Went down to walk in Memphis to talk some baseball theory, and sort a few things out w/some of the ‘Sources’.  A sort of Vision Quest if you will. 

The posse’ toured the Memphis Redbirds stadium on Sunday.  The Redbirds are the AAA affiliate of the St.Louis Cardinals, and are the only professional sports franchise that is non-profit.  How cool is that?  The stadium is well-known as one of the best in minor-league sports, and Albert Pujols made a brief stop through there in 2000 on his way up to St. Louis.

We also toured the Martin Luther King memorial for a quick history lesson, took in a LOT of baseball on TV, saw my twin nieces play softball, and then rolled down to Beale Street to see the Gators capture the NCAA title before catching some Blues.  NOICE!!..

I wasn’t planning on going to the ER for an hour because my lunch, a piece of Prime Rib was stuck in my throat.  Surreal.  Just a day in the life of E Maj.  And yes, let the "Big piece of meat stuck down my mouth" jokes begin.  I love a good Heckle, and self-effacing humor is of the highest variety. 

Peace, E Maj