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A Hill of Beans

(Yo—working on a big piece on the significance of the Saturday Cubs/WhiteSox brawl for www.spikesballparks.com ….in the meantime, let’s piecemeal some extra thoughts together/provoke some discussion)

Michael Barrett, Cubs catcher and main perp Sat: "He(Pierzynski) made a great play in taking me out before the ball could get to me."

Dusty Baker, Cubs manager: "From my vantage point I saw a clean play

Rich Hill, Saturday’s starter, and 0-6 w/a 9.21 ERA in 8 career starts: "I think it was pretty gutless over there on their part, him hitting Michael when he didn’t have the ball….That’s not how you play the game."

In related news, Rich Hill was demoted to Triple A on Monday.  I’m thinking the Rich Hill Era in Chicago has come to a close.

Peace, E Maj