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the Amoeba

I’m working on this Mariotti piece, and there are so many great expose’s of what a fraud the Amoeba is.  This, from Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune.  Great stuff.


Peace, E Maj




As many of you know, I’m a huge Ozzie fan, and as for the amoeba himself, Jay Mariotti, well—-not so much.  It’s not personal.  I just prefer function(Ozzie) over form(Jay), and results over process. 

This ‘incident’ is fertile ground.  Sociology, psychology, biology, etc. etc.  I’ll throw ya a chaos theory nugget in there as well.  Very polarizing situation. 

I’m going to write an essay for www.spikesballparks.com regarding this and political correctness, and maybe link it to the Steroids Era.  We’ll see.  A lot of times a piece evolves itself, where you end up somewhere a little different than where you thought you would .   "You never where you’re going ’til you get there."   I’ve already started gathering thoughts and research.  What I thought I’d do(if I don’t first pass out from a bad case of swampas.s) is show everyone the evolution of one of my pieces.  I’ll post everything I can regarding every writer/radio show/TV etc to which I’m exposed, with an E Maj comment. 

1)i’ll be posting a ton, which will get me more in the habit of Blogging.

2)the readers get to be inside my head as I go through the writing process(if you’re confused about the results/process line, process is fine, but not when it’s deferred to over the results themeselves)

3)We’ll watch together real time how a piece evolves, from start to finish…

I’m psyched.

Peace, E Maj


Dinosaur Paul Sullivan: Tribune Lackey

A very good representation of old media/new media: a clip from a 2/28/05 interview of Cubs Tribune beat writer Paul Sullivan(scared entitlist dinosaur, funny, just read the link) and Daily Herald Sox writer Scott Gregor(embracing technology).  Fast forward to a simple critique of today’s article by the BBheckler.  Enjoy. 

http://chicagosportsreview.com/news/newsview.asp?c=146710 here’s a snippet:

How much attention do you pay to baseball bloggers and fan message boards?

PS: None. I never read them. I know some of the other beat writers that read them, but I don’t have the time or the desire. Sometimes people will email me a link to a fan site where someone is drilling me for something I wrote. I’ve learned never to respond. Some of these people are downright nuts. No offense to you, but everyone with a PC and a printer believes they’re a writer. That’s the worst aspect of the Internet Age — everyone has something to say and a blog to say it in.

and then today’s article on AJ and Barrett….hilarious…check it out, and some highlights:


"Michael Barrett was completely in the wrong for punching A.J. Pierzynski in the face "….."His petulant act will lead to a lengthy suspension that could kill any hopes the Cubs have of salvaging their season."

2 Paragraphs Later:

"and he deserves nothing but praise from long-suffering Cubs fans for standing up for himself"

‘Nothing but praise’ for ‘acts of petulance’, ‘killing hopes of a team’s season’, and for someone he wrote was ‘completely in the wrong’.  All within 3 paragraphs. Nice journalism Paul.  As proxy for the blogosphere, we request you hang up your entitlist Tribune cleats.  Either that or the free market and technology will prevail over time.  You pick.

Peace, E Maj


Redundancy Central


Deluca—Now we know: Even if Jim Thome doesn’t score, the White Sox are capable of winning.—BBHeckler: they won the World Series w/o Thome last year.

Deluca—It’s only 3 weeks into the season….but..a busy October looks like a foregone conclusion—BBHeckler—I’ll call the rest of the ALCentral and inform them there’s no need to play the rest of the season out.   

Deluca—This team has a mental edge it couldn’t have possessed last year.  BBheckler—1)They won the World Series.  2)I would offer that most mainstream sportswriters discounted the Sox last year because they couldn’t believe how such a "poor" statistical team could win like they did.  Ergo, their mental edge, or intangibles, were even ‘stronger’. 3)They won the World Series.

Peace, E Maj


Corporate Crime

We here at BBHeckler will continue to honor our self-appointed role as the Internet’s Adverb Policeman, and will try to balance that by referencing good journalism where and when we find it.  Guys like Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune have been a joy to read the last 6 months.  Heck, even our old ‘buddy’ Phil Rogers has raised his game since our expose’.  Is it possible he reads the BBHeckler?.  Where we draw the line and what we do not like in today’s corporate media is: 1)condescending tones 2)flip-flopping 3)no proprietary thoughts 4)lack of accountability. 

A good example is the smarmy Jayson Stark of ESPN, whose work is pretty good, yet he often pulls the "if you don’t agree with me, you didn’t understand what I wrote".  Comedian Dennis Miller pulled this pompous **** early in his career, where if you didn’t laugh at his joke, you ‘didn’t get it’. 

Let the writing/argument speak for itself.

Stark’s first article for the WBC was somewhat tepid, not anti-WBC yet not ‘guns a-blazing’ for it either.  Here’s a snippet:

‘But we’d better not hear anyone argue that the WBC is somehow helping spring training. If you do, the world your classic is being staged in obviously isn’t the same world we live in.’

Very antagonistic, very insecure vernacular.  Later on that DAY, after a fantastic Dominican Republic/Venezuela game, he followed up w/this:

‘We know there are people out there who look at this event and don’t get it — and don’t want to get it. But that’s their problem. It’s their loss.’

Once again, whilst somewhat of a flip-flop, more egregious is the antagonistic,  demeaning tone.  Why do people talk/write like this?.  This attitude is from one of the game’s stewards.  The media is supposed to be part of baseball’s ‘checks and balances’ system, to help promote the game while maintaining its integrity and that of its Hall of Fame. 

It’s the BBHeckler’s opinion that it is this condescending, entitlist attitude en masse that helped to perpetuate and enable the Steroids Era and all its fallout.

Don’t do that.

The corporate media and the Jayson Starks of the world are all accomplices in the crime of Steroids Defrauding the Great Game of Baseball.

Guilty as charged.

Peace, E Maj


Reporting On Reporters


another peach from Mr. Rogers neighbhorhood…mostly structurally correct, and some decent points, but argued from the wrong premise initially… ‘We have said this before, so why not say it again: Sammy Sosa is the single-season home run record-holder with those 66 in 1998.’….read the article, Phil couda got off the Steroids bus, indicts McGuire vis’ a vis’ the Steroids hearings, and conveniently forgets to mention Sammy brought a ‘translator’ to said Congressional hearings….


great article on amphetamines by Gerry Fraley—- "Coffee sales are gonna be up this year."—Trevor Hoffman

http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2359283  Wells hammers Selig….examine the article before you decide one’s a drunk, and one’s in a position of power therefore we should listen to him….that mentality spawned the Steroids Era…Mr. Wells has some interesting points..and i’m not a Yankees fan, per se’, but Mr. Steinbrenner can say whatever the F he wants to…got it?..

http://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/ny-spusa0304,0,7511372.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines  A)excuse me for my concern that A-Rod has never won ****  B)something poetic(sarc.) about taking a ‘private jet w/entourages to an event where players from teams like Cuba make like 10 bucks a day C)Good job Buck Martinez….let’s use video from the 2000 American Olympic Baseball team to fire up the troops….that way, our players can all focus on the geopolitical consequences that led to Baseball being the first sport in like 70 years(to Polo) being dropped from future Summer Games…*****.   D)I did like A-Rod saying, "I’m not sure if this is going to be played again(WBC)….(nice work A-rod, did your agent tell you that corporate doesn’t work anymore?..dang you’re good at this Oscar/image thing)… Ken Davidoff, author of this article, wrote, "in an opinion likely too honest for Bud Selig’s liking"…..that about sums Ken Davidoff’s take on truth…in related news, Ken Davidoff will be wondering why he no longer has a job in 3-5 years….feel free to write me Kenny…natural selection laws pertain to print media as well….i digress…


"If I had my choice today, I would have gone to have a root canal job," –Bud Selig in addressing the Bonds’ issue… and the follow up by Mr. Jerry Crasnick, "fortunately, there was a game to be played, and it provided a welcome reprieve from the Barry-fest."…why was it fortunate?..translated: "most of us in the media helped enable the Steroids Era, likely because of our cushy, homogenized, lazy, entitlist print media dinosaur system, and I, Jerry/we all want to divert attention from any possible truth"….geez, who thought David Wells and Jose Canseco would be champions of truth….BB Heckler…

http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=wojciechowski_gene&id=2358771  Wojo, early off the Media Steroids Bus, w/a evocative article…nice work…

Peace, E Maj