Reader and longtime friend Frank L. calls the Heckler out(rightfully so) for the dearth of World Series coverage.  This is the best baseball time of the year, right?  Baseball lover’s wet dream!  The big dance.  What we all play and watch for.  So what gives? 

It’s been an amazing year.  The learning curve on all levels and arenas for me personal growth-wise has been flat out hyperbolic.  Lately, the bookstore venture has morphed from a side project to a life mission.  Busier than ever.  Blah blah blah. 

That’s not it though.  I’m still fully engaged watching the Series, just like every year of my life.  From a coverage standpoint, I HIT THE WALL!  Flat out.  Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, always honest.  This is my first year covering the sport I love as I pursue my creative interests.  There was the World Baseball Classic trip.  Feature writing for www.spikesballparks.com .  Laying the seeds for a filmography that exposes the Tribune Co.  Many hours directed towards an inner city Kid’s baseball venture that I cannot disclose at this juncture.  And more. 

I hit the wall.  Too funny.  Kinda like when Ichiro came over and for 3 years hit the wall after 130 games(that’s what they play in Japan).  I’ll suc it up for the final stretch, and take these lessons into next year, when things will really heat up. 

Thanks and peace,

E Maj




  1. long350@yahoo.com

    thats ok maj, i still love you. the heckler is my first stop for baseball related nonsense which i was lookin for at the time. for the record we brought some pinetar out here at the pinckney office and did a little experiment, took some pics etc. gotta say, it sure looks the same as kennys chocolate cake smear. still you gotta give the guy props for fixing one of his biggest hangups(choking) with another(cheating). have a good offseason. i think you should challenge the baseball heckler guys to a game of hardball. ive got my brand spankin new jeff suppan bender to go with the regular scuff ball junk i throw.

  2. BB

    word….lots planned for next year…we’ll try to keep the expectations in check, grow with Spike, yet push the envelope….shud be a fun year with Sweet Lou, and another year of new media/old media integrations….peace,

  3. long350@yahoo.com

    Will the heckler be participating in roto this year or is the heckler too pure? you know where to find me if you want your whoopin…. also we’re short a guy if you know anyone.

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