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Dump Dusty

Dump Dusty.  I’ve been saying it for 2 years.  Good to see Chris Deluca of the Suntimes get aboard the train. http://www.chicagosuntimes.com/output/deluca/cst-spt-deluca27.html

After coming in with a bang resulting in a  magical 2003 playoff run, it has been nothing but **** since.  I remember feeling after that year that it was nothing but future playoff year after playoff year in store, w/the acquisitions of Hall of Famer Greg Maddux and stud 1b Derrick Lee. 

Dusty’s been playing the victim card way too long.  He’s making $4 million plus GUARANTEED.  We are the fans.  We have a right to a voice.  An educated voice.  Truthful voice.  Just because there are thousands of fans who have nothing better to say than you ****!!, doesn’t mean that you don’t ****. 

Missed signs, botched pickles, baserunning gaffes, first pitch swings, bullpen mismanagement. 

Dusty cites injuries as part of the reason he’s not to be held accountable, without exploring the fact he and his staff have the wrong training/conditioning/rehabilitating program.  Enough is enough.  Dump Dusty

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Peace, E Maj




I recently got involved with a local independent bookstore Tranistions Bookplace.  (www.transitionsbookplace.com) Last night, I attended an amazing, eye-opening quantum physics talk/presentation by Dr. Bruce Lipton.  (www.brucelipton.com) It was awesome.  Raised the level of awareness/consciousness of everyone in the room. 

Why is this relevant?  The recent Jason Grimsley incident where the Feds raided his home to find Human Growth Hormone(HGH), the latest black eye for Major League Baseball.

Baseball is the most statistical sport, and many of us love analyzing about the divergences/anomalies that the game provides.  Witness the explosion in fantasy baseball for reference.  Statistics are numbers, and when the integrity of the numbers has been violated to a point where we have to question the product we are watching, the great game of baseball, where does that leave us?

I’ve been getting more and more involved with philanthropic and civic-minded causes lately, and doing everything I can to be more aware of this world we live in.  Recycling, teaching, giving, putting smiles on people’s faces, taking less. 

When did bigger become better? Bigger cars, bigger portions, bigger people, bigger bankrolls.  Greed is en vogue again.  The corporations have ruled for the last 15 years.  A corporation is a ‘legal’ person.  But it is not a person.  And thus, has no regard for leaving this earth a better place than when it got here. 

Steroids in baseball.  The Tribune Co. whoring out Wrigley Field and the Cubs.  Crappy stadium rock.  The Enron and Worldcom disasters in the finance world(2 of many).  The pharmaceutical companies. The 2-party political system, in which politicians campaign while on the job, to stay on their job.   The entitlism.  Etc. Etc. 

I have a 2 yr-old daughter, and the thing I fear most is 20 years from now, she says, "Dad, if you knew some of these things, why didn’t you do anything about it?". 

I am doing something about it.  Paying it forward.  Every day, every way.  If no one thinks about these things, how are they ever going to change?.  Supporting the indie bookstores, listening to the young artists, helping others, being present, merely living every day, is one way.

Does this mean one should feel guilty about grabbing an occasional corporate Starbucks frap-****-a-dappa(i’m still pondering the Tall=small thing, but i digress), or buying goods at a Walmart?.  It’s not about that.  I support independent business owners, and that is my choice.  No one is perfect.  And everyone is perfect.   It’s not about being right or wrong.  Or living right or wrong.  Or having all of the answers.  It’s about having SOME of the questions.  Doing things a little bit better than the day before.  Shutting the lights off, giving blood, donating an hour(or more) a month to something worthwhile, not throwing away food, recycling.

Winning baseball teams control what they can, evolve as they must, and know there are variables that don’t allow them to emerge victorious every day.  A near perfect pitcher who throws a one-hit, one-run game can still lose if the opposing pitcher tosses a perfect game.   Yet recent champions like the WhiteSox, Marlins, et al, did the little things every day that over the course of a season got them right where they needed to be. 

Let us not rush to hasty conclusions on every player who is sure to be ‘outed’ in the coming months, but let’s be vigilant in the game giving us some answers, some truth, so we can turn a mistaken era, into lessons that provide for its renaissance.  To leave baseball in a little bit better place than when we came upon it. 

Let’s do the little things in life, providing for our own ‘championship’ of sorts, and leave the world a little bit better place for future generations.  Let’s learn.

Pay it forward.  The time is now. 

Peace, E Maj