Reader and longtime friend Frank L. calls the Heckler out(rightfully so) for the dearth of World Series coverage.  This is the best baseball time of the year, right?  Baseball lover’s wet dream!  The big dance.  What we all play and watch for.  So what gives? 

It’s been an amazing year.  The learning curve on all levels and arenas for me personal growth-wise has been flat out hyperbolic.  Lately, the bookstore venture has morphed from a side project to a life mission.  Busier than ever.  Blah blah blah. 

That’s not it though.  I’m still fully engaged watching the Series, just like every year of my life.  From a coverage standpoint, I HIT THE WALL!  Flat out.  Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, always honest.  This is my first year covering the sport I love as I pursue my creative interests.  There was the World Baseball Classic trip.  Feature writing for www.spikesballparks.com .  Laying the seeds for a filmography that exposes the Tribune Co.  Many hours directed towards an inner city Kid’s baseball venture that I cannot disclose at this juncture.  And more. 

I hit the wall.  Too funny.  Kinda like when Ichiro came over and for 3 years hit the wall after 130 games(that’s what they play in Japan).  I’ll suc it up for the final stretch, and take these lessons into next year, when things will really heat up. 

Thanks and peace,

E Maj



Back in the Saddle


Back in the saddle!! 

**What up with the alien-like substance on Kenny Rogers hand?  Reader and longtime friend DeezNuts wants answers!  Oh, I’ve had 17 people ask me that.  I’ve asked many of my sources.  Answer:  No ******* clue.  Pine tar?  Dirt?  It was so overt that one almost can’t assume any tomfoolery.  We investigate anyway.  Send me your vibes.**

**Jim Leyland is the man**

**If this series goes 6 or 7(which it’s looking like), E Maj is working on going live Detroit-style**

**It’s kinda funny watching Dusty be part of a broadcast crew.  Playing the game.  I think he was a decent manager in the 90s, and now is just a shrill.  Just my humble opinion.**

**Buck O’Neill died.  Didn’t cover it.  Negro League pioneer and stud.  Will cover it.**

**On a related note, look forward to next year when A.C. and I expose the Tribune Company for……well, you’ll just have to wait…it’s been a fun year!**

**I love baseball**

**Is it me or are the best ‘teams’ advancing these days?  Marlins, then WhiteSox, then Detroit/Cards…for all the negativity surrounding baseball, the Renaissance is here, let’s embrace it.**

Peace, E Maj