Sands Through the Hourglass: a Rant from the Bleachers

Yo Yo(Ma)–

There’s 9 minutes left in the day, at least by the plebian linear system version of time recording.  I thought I’d share a beautiful A.D.D. day with you people of negotiable morals.  What is time anyway?…(Whoops, wrong site, I digress).  Maybe it’s the Cubs mediocrity.  Maybe it’s my pungent foot odor.  Maybe it’s the fact most people think 2 times zero should equal zero.  (Can one digress from a digression?.). 

I  respect everyone’s right to choose their path, their journey, to live as they may.  Mine personally is to experience something, experience as much as possible every single day.  We’re all eventually going to take a nice long dirtnap.  As Tim Robbins’ character in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ said, "Better get busy living before you get busy dying."

**worked on my ventures for 5 hours in the morning**

**talked to a scout about his baseball foundation, and queried how can I help**

**read books with my 2 yr-old daughter**

**received a letter to throw out an Opening Pitch for a minor league team(more later)**

**watched the Cubs(sigh!) get outplayed by the WhiteSox**

**helped the wife w/the Zen garden**

**Read a bunch of pages, and wrote about it**

**rode on a boat on the Chicago River, for an impromptu, informal Architechural Tour**

**hung out w/friends Jimmy and Marty, the latter of whom still thinks 2’s beat 3’s in poker**

**laughed at least 30 times today w/30 different people…noice**

**bot St.Ides at the local shop as a joke….(it was not consumed, thankfully)

**played billiards for 1 hour**

**figured out the Steroids Era(you’ll have to wait…for now)**

**went to see a cool Southern Rock band, the Drive By Truckers(thanks Rob)….i am tired, but experiential learning is where it’s at**

tomorrow is another day, and as always is promised to no one….so stop holding that flatulence in, Let it rip!!..

Peace, E Maj

(Disclaimer:  Pleae direct all flatulence questions to the Ed at if you wish to start training to be a flatulent Jedi…)




  1. BB


    my man!…you know that I know that you told my cousin’s former girlfriend’s father’s brother’s uncle’s science teacher’s former son’s colleague’s mom’s dad’s mom’s son’s son’s son that farts are funny…you know it bro, E Maj


    Is Manny “just being manny ” sometimes or could he possibly be in the ADD category?

  3. baller98

    hey, sorry for the random post…..I’m making the rounds on the mlb blogs to tell people about a new website for Ballhawks,

    You can create a profile, upload pictures, and record balls that you snagged at baseball games. It automatically updates your stats and has top-10 rankings for the current season and lifetime.

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