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120 Second Standings Check

**The AL Central is all the rage.  WhiteSox have lost 12 of 15.  The Twinks have won 32 of their last 39.  R U kiddin’ me?  And Detroit keeps plugging along.  I keep hearing, "Detroit hasn’t been tested yet."  Maybe it’s because they don’t allow other teams to test them.  We’re 100 games into the season.  They’re for real.  I understand some people are referring to a potential stretch like the WhiteSox are currently suffering through.  Fair.  But other people’s intent, using the same phrase is to diminish what has been a magical ride for Tiger fans.  Not I.  Enjoy the ride Detroit fans, you’ve waited long enough.

**The Cubs are only 4 games up on the Royals**

**Seattle’s only 3 games out in the AL West.  I have them winning it with 18 to 1 odds.**

**What happened to the Dodgers?  8 losses in a row**

**If the season ended today, the Reds would win the NL Wildcard**

**As per the Royals, I’ll quote the stadium worker from the movie ‘Major League’, "They’re still ******"**

Busy day.  Off to Tai Chi.  i’ll be back.

Peace, E Maj