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Kenny back to his old self, an old gun slinger when it comes to the trading deadline.  Grabs RP Mike MacDougal from KC for a couple of prospects.  Rumored to be hot on the trail of Alfonso Soriano.  Wouldn’t surprise me.  He left well enough alone until it wasn’t well enough.

Love how he trades prospects.  Everyone remembers the Smoltzes and the Dontrelle Willises that were traded as prospects by Detroit and Chicago respectively(or not so much).  We tend to forget the 10,000 prospects who don’t amount to squat. 

Moneyball filled a void at the time.  A lot of scouts were lazy creating an opportunity for heady statistical analysis.  Buying high/selling low—-good.  It wasn’t "I’d rather have prospects."  As Moneyball became more popular, and more teams embraced its tenets, it’s natural advantage became diluted.  Now that we’ve come full circle, it’s evident to these eyes that prospects are way over-valued in terms of trade value, and that Kenny Williams was/is one of the few who was ahead of his time recognizing this truth.  He’ll take the major league player all day every day. 

Kenny = True

Peace, E Maj