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Hello baseball fans, E Maj here.  F@%* ME!!!!  For not getting the most entertaining baseball blog/site in the world up sooner.  "Open your zipper and use your good eye!!"  This blog is going to be as subtle as an unflushed toilet.  The book on fandom will be ready Opening Day next year.  Until then, we’re going to talk some baseball—-we are going to exhaust it from every angle.  Philosophically to toilet humor….chess to eating shitlips and a*sholes(hotdogs)….behavioral psych. to why a player can call an ump a ******** but not a **********….there are going to be scouts, former players, clubhouse guys, trivia buffs, quant geeks, coaches, "The Source", and women of negotiable morals.  Contra-opinions, and debate will be encouraged and applauded(and rewarded w/a Rusty Kuntz baseball card), ignorance will be punished by Kangaroo-Courting your *** to Tropicana Field to hear a post-game Air Supply concert. 

You will learn how to steal a sign, also to "steal" a ticket from a scalper.  How to keep score of the game or how to score at the game. 

You will get a free copy of my 2nd biographical book, "Wendell Kim 3rd base coach, "How I Set A Record For Guys Thrown Out By 20 Feet And Lived To Tell About It."

There will be charity drives, jokes, trivia, and the random ‘phantom farter’ story.  Trick plays, drag bunts, the 23 ways to get to 1st base, and on ongoing dissection of why Jay Mariotti is nothing more than a sports weatherman.  This dossier is going to expose him for what he is, a loud-mouthed, obfuscating flip-flopper.  I digress.

We have 100s of topical, intense, and insane baseball nerds ready to rock-n-roll.  GAME ON!  So get off your knees and stop blowing your chance to post!!!….Peace, E Maj