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Roger Clemens: Great Stats on How He Made Himself After Boston(Rightfully) Dissed Him(Part I) and Went On to Dominate the Rest of His Career

3 Segments, Hecklers..1)1984-1992..2)1993-1996..3)1997-present

It is the Heckler’s opinion that Roger Clemens was an overweight semblance of himself in period #2, and the RedSox were damned if they did or didn’t…..check some of this out….

Period 1:  152-72 record, 2.80 ERA, 5 All-star Appearances, 3 Cy Young Awards, 4 ERA Titles…..

Period 2:  40-39 record, 3.77 ERA, 0 ANYTHING….

comes up for contract, RedSox decide not to give him the big contract coming off 10-13 year…Roger gets in shape…

Period 3:  149-61 record, 3.21 ERA, 6 All-Star Apperances, 4 Cy Youngs not to mention the 2 right after in 1997/1998…4 ERA titles

even the best color guy in the industry, Steve Stone, commented during a 2003 broadcast that the RedSox never should have gotten rid of him…a rare miss by one of the best in the biz….what were they to do?…Well, to the late lame duck Dan Duquette’s credit, he went and got Pedro, in his prime…

Roger, got angry and developed the regimen that has him pitching in 2005 with a 1.87 ERA(albeit at the small price of 18 Million)…

More tomorrow….

Peace, E Maj(i’m back)