Piniella Signs!

As reported here 10 some-odd days ago, Lou Piniella signs a 3-yr deal to manage the Chicago Cubs.  Looking forward to some Sweet Lou.

Peace, E Maj




    Pinella will want to make some waves immediately and attempt to make a deal for A-Rod. Figure on Aramis Ramirez and 2 minor league pitchers (maybe Rich Hill???)

    Kenny Williams will try his best to get the momentum back to the South Side and offer Crede and Brandon McCarthy. (especially with this Juan Uribe deal opening up SS)

    A-Rod will nullify the move to CWS because Ozzie blasted him one year ago about the World Baseball CLassic.

    Red Sox would be a perfect fit but Georgie would NEVER allow it.

    Should be an interesting month

  2. BB

    kenny Williams always seems to make the big splash. The only reason I would want A-Rod on the North Side would be for the great heckling opportunities.



    Do they have the World Series in Chicago? Put down the Carlos Castaneda pseudo novel and get to work. Am I missing something?

  4. BB

    Piniella is the ‘right now’ manager, and will shake up the country club. Until the Trib sells the team they will always suffer. IMHO.

    E Maj

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