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Mail Call: EarlJam

–(mini-technical probs)….Comcast is the worst!!…evidently, DirectTV(who added competiton, and shaped them up) is not a threat anymore because their parent GM is starting to figure out they can’t steal from the Pension Fund forever to beat quarterly earnings, they actually have to make cars, like Toyota–

Hey y’all.  Comcast is a customer service air pocket…DOH!…UGH! I haven’t written a ton about the WBC.  Soon. Digesting the rosters.  Still trying to decide if the tourney will be a joke, or if the country colors will take over, and players will be taking each other out at 2nd base.  Here’s a look at what the Earl of Jam, Old School EarlJam(Yankee fan extraordinaire, but Baseball Fan first) had to say:

All I can say with all this drama, he had better suit up and play.  How can he get away with this without the press tearing him apart?  He teetered on the fence for so long on this and changed his mind so many times…..bottom line is he was probably told by


that you don’t move up on the endorsement food chain by suiting up for the Dominicans!  It’s not like Piazza throwin’


a bone if he is playing?  That would be like me trying out for the Irish Tiddlywinks team because my great grandparents were from


and I’ve drank at Mc’Sorley’s before…..and I was married on St. Patty’s Day…..Peace, Earljam


Well-said bro, calling it like ’tis.  A few Sunflower Seeds for you on the house.  As an aside, I just watched the movie ‘Airplane‘, and for those of you who needed ‘Jam’s e-mail translated into jive, the BB Heckler is an Urban Translator.

"Yo E, all i gotz, what with shiznit comin’ up wrong-style, is Mista Rod bet be stripin’ up afta this dealio.  He no mo’, no said.  Waffle is was I eat fo’ b-fast at straight Waffle-Pad.  Shee–it!  Mo-Fo Bore-***** got himself a new piece, and gotta get paid.  ARod dissin’ the conch salad, to chill with his $15 dolla’ corporate burger.  Not like my Pison Pizza Man showin’ Props to Land of the Mots." 

Home dawg helped built 22 bridges last 3 years, ain’t no all y’all call me no bridgebuilder!  Dawg take ONE lousy Yoga class to try and stretch to my waist, all bowwows yellin’ call me a "WaistStretcher"  Shizzz.  We boat know that we boat know that I isn’t no dang Sox Fan.  20/20 po-cent, McSorlee Mad Dog, and Homie made into a half, Irish Christmas-style…Late’, EarlJam

(Thanks Earl, we come out of it with AROD is ALL corporate, all the time.  Sad, with all that talent…. peace)

Peace, E Maj