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Detroit Rock City

Detroit edges the Yanks to even up the series at 1-1.  Kenny Rogers is pitching at home in Game 3, which is good because his demeanor didn’t translate well in the Big Apple when he pitched for New York. 

Is there any way Leyland doesn’t win the Manager of the Year?

Peace, E Maj


Cubs Marathon Postscript

During about the 16th inning, Jim Hendry called up LHP Ryan O’Malley for an emergency start.  Watching the Cubs/Stros’ right now and the kid has pitched 8 shutout innings so far.  Nice work.  Hope I didn’t just mook him. 

p.s. promise some photos are forthcoming, but dumass left his cameraphone in Denver, should get it back in a few days and then I’ll post some trip highlights.

Peace, E Maj

Organic Doubleheader

Cubs win!  18 innings in, 8-6, and Rich Hill picks up his 3rd win in 2 weeks.  Fascinating that Hill pops the cherry with his first win, and BANG!, 2 more in a row.   The kid’s got great stuff.  Let’s watch him these last 6 weeks.  Nice to see Zambrano pinch-hit, and Cubbie rally caps from the dugout late. 

I am busier than a bee, but as we know, the Inbox is always full if we make it that way.  So deep breaths all around, and we’ll run it back tomorrow.

Peace, E Maj

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Sweet Home Chicago

Yo Yo Yo(Ma)—

Coors Field was excellent and  the Cubbies managed to eke a win out, 8-7.  There was lots of Cubbie blue around Denver, getting pickled in the downtown bars like it was Wrigleyville.  The retreat in Vail rocked(www.mimretreat.com ).  In my best Bostonian accent, "These dudes were wicked smaht!"   Vail is absolutely gorgeous, a panorama of trees, trails, and peaks.  I could definitely spend some time out in CO, it resonated that deep.  Looking forward to the flight home today so I can play with my 2 yr-old girl, and then be wit my peeps.  Sweet home Chicago. 

Much more to share on Coors, the trip, and the Cubs.  I’ll try to organize my thoughts as I pen an essay for www.spikesballparks.com .


E Maj


A Day at the Ballpark

Was at Saturday’s Redline series game between the Cubs and the Whitesox….look for the "A Day at the Ballpark" essay coming soon at www.spikesballparks.com

Fun game.  Pierzynski for MVP?  One can at least make a great case for best catcher in the big leagues.  He’s won every single place he’s gone.  Impressive. 

As for Dusty and the Cubs, it’s not just Dusty.  It’s the entire coaching staff.  How many players have gone on to succeed elsewhere?  This year’s versions are Nomar Garciaparra(who may be the NL MVP if LA makes the playoffs), and Corey Patterson, who has 30 steals.  Doh.  The whole staff needs to go.  Period. 

Peace, E Maj



We watched in earnest last night as our favorite cartoon character Carlos Z toyed with a no-hitter into the 8th vs Houston, when Preston Wilson knocked an outside heater the other way for a base hit to right field. 

This ponderance from Mr. Joshua, who stayed well past his bedtime(or rum and coke limit, :0-) to possibly witness history last night:

"Zambrano would not have been the first pitcher to homer and throw a no-hitter in the same game. It’s been done twice: Rick Wise and Earl Wilson are the only two no-hit pitchers to hit a home run in the same game. In fact, Wise hit TWO HOME RUNS in 1971 while throwing a no-hitter in the same game."

Thanks Josh!.

Peace, E Maj


Ozzie Release

Will bang out the feature tomorrow.  Tonight watching Cubs(sigh) on one screen, Whitesox on other(big skirt w/2 bombs!), and RedSox/Yanks on the 3rd(Schilling brought it, Foulke to the glue farm)…NBA on another, and laptop for the rest…uh oh, only 10 min. juice left on the comp. and the High Life only 2 ounces left…decisions….alright, a quick Ozzie thought…

2nd inning of the WhiteSox game….Garland gives up an HR to Frank Thomas in the Big Skirts’ return to the Windy City….Jonny G then gives up another bomb to Bobby Crosby, and a double to the wall….Ozzie comes out to the mound…

Umpire comes out to break up the ‘candlesticks’ talk and the mound, and the Venezuelan Columbo is none too pleased….Ozzie gives him a mouthful all the way back to the plate, and proceeds until he gets tossed….

1)Maybe he just needed a day off, after an intense weekend.  Ozzie took the high road all weekend,  because that was the true road.  Let sleeping Cubbie Bears  lie.  Ozzie gets this.  And he did.  The only person he ‘talked trash’ to, as Rick Telander of the Trib would have you believe, was Rich Hill, one of the few other than Mariotti who thought the initial play was ‘gutless’. 

2)Ozzie isn’t crazy, he’s just the Venezuelan Columbo.  He had to re-assert himself as the craziest in the ‘asylum’.  A.J. respects Ozzie, but maybe only ‘cuz he’s afraid of him.

3)Ozzie had a ton of justification to go off on the umps this wkend, and he ate it.  Oakland is a potential playoff matchup.  Ozzie let the umps know he’s not going to sit like some overpaid North Side manager who did the same in 2003,—-i guess 1 out of 4 yrs isn’t bad—-NOT…DUMPDUSTY.

peace, E maj