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Dusty Dumped

Dusty Baker fired as manager of the Cubs.  A day earlier, Andy MacPhail, was fired as Team President.  I will try to bang out a few posts as I gear up for the playoffs, and hammer out some www.spikesballparks.com content.  Some quick thoughts:

**I was very surprised at MacPhail getting let go, he had the most cush job in the league—-just field a competitive enough team, keep the turnstiles moving, and sell a lot of beer.  Evidently, this year was unacceptable even by the Cubs’ low standards**

**The Cubs will be better no matter who their manager is next year.  The players lobbied for Dusty to stay.  Of course they did.  Wrigley is a f-in country club right now.  Whilst all of this **** on the North Side isn’t Dusty’s fault, the excuses, the lack of accountability, the ‘play the victim’ spiel, and general low quality of play wore myself and many Cubs fans out.**

**I think Giriardi would be the perfect fit for this squad.  His demeanor, training, and lineage are very attractive.  Pinella would certainly shake things up, and whilst Brenly is not my first choice, he got to watch the team up close for 162 games the last 2 years.  Stay tuned**

Peace, E-Maj