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Jeter ties a playoff record with 5 hits in the Yanks 8-4 Division Series win over the Tigers.  This brings Jeter’s cumulative Division Series batting average to .376(64-170).  He’s the man. 

Peace, E-maj


Pickled is as Pickle Does

Man, I am absolutely pickled(good way).  And not in the normal 6 High Lifes/3 Jagr Bomb sense.  Just back from 4 hours with 2 Master Reiki Healers http://www.reiki.org/FAQ/WhatIsReiki.html.  Good stuff, but needs to be digested.  I think I’ll wipe the slate today and relax even more than I normally do.  For me, that looks like reading The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck.  On the back cover, "From quantum physics to aliens, from crop circles to reincarnation, from shamanic hallucinations to Rudolf Steiner, from the Amazon jungle to Stonehenge, from fragment of jaundiced autobiography to the ending of worlds, Pinchbeck takes us on a mind-bending paradigm-rattling ride."  It’s not lost on me how ridiculous it is that this is my form of relaxation.  Lol.  Indigos need to feed their brain.  Daniel’s coming to the store (www.transitionsbookplace.com) in 2 weeks.  Noice. 


I took a night off from the Cubs on Wednesday night, and I heard there were only like 20,000 people at Wrigley Field.  Tuesday night I went with my boy Kevin and there were maybe 26, 27 thousand.  Wow.  There is a different energy at Wrigley, and while it doesn’t feel good, it is a good thing.  The Tribune Co. finally kicked the puppy dog that is the Cub fan one too many times.  Have they killed the golden goose?  Have they sold out the ultimate place that sells out?  And now will they sell to get out?  We saw the TV ratings slip earlier this year, yet Wrigley still full.  Now it appears we have reached a tipping point.  The fan is staying away.  The lovable loser has drawn the line.  Prediction: Tribune Co. sells the team 3 years from now.

Peace, E Maj

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Morning Seeds

**Jon Garland wins his 15th…have to admit I thought 3 yrs, $27 million was too much by GM Kenny Williams after one good year…now it’s looking cheap…his ball moves a LOT more than it did 2 years ago**

**Zambrano goes to 14-5 for the Cubs who are 19 games under .500….I love Zee…why does he always get in trouble in the 1st inning before settling down?**

**i’m still chapped Pluto is not a planet anymore http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/space/08/24/pluto.ap/index.html?section=cnn_space&ref=google one oblong orbit and you’re out…my buddy Kev and I have the seeds for a punk/metal/goth tune "Pluto is not a planet….it’s a trans-neptunian object….Pluto is not a planet….it’s a trans-neptunian object"**

**The Twinkies are still en fuego, as is mi culo after some bad draft beer last night**

**Tomorrow "A.C." and I chronicle a baseball something for the kids….if that’s vague, it’s because it has to be right now…let’s just say one step closer to the Foundation dream…"Kids need to be afforded the right to **** up their own lives.  Don’t do it for them."—E Maj**

**Vin Scully is on my "If I could have dinner w/any 10 people" invitation list**

**Matt Murton, Cubs LF, crashed into the out-of-play wall making a great catch….maybe he reversed the Bartman ball curse last night**

**Foo Fighters acoustic show tonight at the Auditorium Theater.  3rd row.  Noice.**

**Tomorrow is promised to no one.**

Peace, E Maj


Trans-Neptunian Object

Last night, all of Wrigleyville was drowning her 2006 sorrows in whatever libation she could get her hands on.  For my Cubs lament, High Lifes—but of course.  Too many as it were. 

And then we have to wake up to the news that Pluto is no longer a planet.  Huh?Rather than mourn the death of old pal Pluto, let’s put on our Zen hats and welcome the birth of our new trans-Neptunian object.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20060824/sc_space/breakingnewsplutodemotednolongeraplanet

I have a killer essay in the hopper if I can find my notes(seriously).  So let’s call last night’s tomfoolery the "killing as many brain cells as possible to step out of conscious mind and into intuitive writing mode" project.

p.s. Does anyone know who invented the spork, half-spoon/half-fork?  That guy is a Real Man of Genius.

I’ll be back.

Peace, E Maj


120 Second Standings Check

**Cincinnati is currently the NL wildcard leader.  Cincy would be 6th in the wildcard standings if they played in the AL.**

**Philadelphia has crept back up to .500 ball and is a mere 2 1/2 games back in the wildcard race.  This weakness in the NL is probably what pre-empted them to be a late buyer in picking up 43 year-old left-hander Jamie Moyer via trade**

**The Yankees swept the RedSox in a 5 game set at Fenway.  Ouch.  The RedSox’ bullpen was exposed as they gave up 20+ runs in 12 innings.  Josh Beckett has been inconsistent, and Papelbon looks tired.  No playoffs?**

**The Twinks have gone 45-17, a .725 clip, after starting out 27-34, to move within 1/2 game of the AL Wildcard leader Chicago Whitesox**

**Seattle, who I have 18-1 odds to win the AL West, knocked on the door but an 11-game losing streak has put them out of sight**

**With 37 games to go, my pre-season playoff pick Detroit is still standing atop the AL Central by 6 1/2 games.**

**The Braves are ‘only’ 5 1/2 games back in the NL Wildcard race.  Ya never know.**

**And, as a Cubs reporter for www.spikesballparks.com , I’ll defer my comment on them to a quote by the Asian stadium workers from the movie ‘Major League’.   "They’re still ******!"

Peace, E Maj