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Battle of the Titans

RedSox vs Whitesox.  The last 2 World Series Champs.  Schilling vs Contreras.  Mid-80s temperature.  And, get this, I just found out they serve beer and Polish dogs at the ballparks.  :)-   Noice.  Gonna be a good one today, I’ll talk to some fans, snap some photos, and do what it is that I do. 

I love this game.  I love this life.

Peace, E Maj


If lovin’ this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right

Back from the WhiteSox/Cards finale’ where the Sox ended up sweeping St. Louis.    Anthony Reyes, SP, gets the loss for the Cards giving up a bomb to Jim Thome in the 7th, the only WhiteSox hit of the night.  Wow.


**Reyes threw a first pitch middle-in fastball to Thome who was sitting on that very pitch….a no-doubter home-run of the crack of the bat**

**most impressive performance by the kid given the recent offensive explosion by the WhiteSox**

**Jermaine Dye’s awesome catch in RF, basically the one-foot difference between being ready for a jump in the outfield, and standing up disinterestedly while the pitch is thrown…Nice..**

**electricity on the South Side….a culture is changing**

**Freddy Garcia looking tired in the 8th, and Don Cooper(Ozzie was out on suspension today) doing the right thing for the win, rather than placate his starter because he had a shutout going**

**sitting/standing in 5 different places/watching the game from 5 different angles…and being amongst the fans….old media doesn’t get this**

peace, E Maj


Opening Day Thoughts

**Keith Foulke, closer for the Boston RedSox didn’t look good at all….velocity down, breaking stuff up, his knees are falling off, and he’s not a baseball junkie to begin with….how long before he hangs ’em up?**

**Just in:—Cincinatti pitcher Bronson Arroyo just hit a Homerun to left field off Cubs hurler Glendon Rusch tying the game at 2, giving him 1 more HR this year than Rafael Palmiero and Sammy Sosa combined**

**Juan Pierre led off the Cubs season w/a triple.  Noice.**

**It was pointed out by one of the BBHeckler’s sources that there are a lot of runs being scored early in ballgames.  He says normally it is the pitchers who have the initial advantage.  We’ll keep an eye on it**

**it’s pathetic how many of these "writers" are on the WhiteSox wagon this year….yes, they are good, and I was one of the first on the Ozzie/Kenny train last year…..Question: how many of these "writers" picked the Sox last year?……(waiting)…..(silence)…..(i can hear a mouse fart)….thought so**

**The Mindset of the current media person who helped enable the Steroids Era(which is most of them):"Hmmm. Let’s see.  Ok.  toronto spent a lot of money, and everyone else is picking them to do well, so if I pick them as my ‘pick to click’ and they stink, we can’t all lose our jobs.  Although I’m not really crazy about the Burnett signing, everyone seems to like it, so they must be right.  I’m picking Toronto."

Peace, E Maj