leavin ya hangin’

yo yo–

i’ve been dillydallying my Ozzie/Mariotti article because I’ve been talking to lawyers all week regarding an enlightening project…still watching lotsa ball though, just can’t find my own personal writing channel…

a good lesson for all you freelance writers…that’s a strength…being able to create/channel an article organically…if you build it, they will come…

it’s good to see 2 of my favorites, Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano throwing seed again…i’m working on a WBC piece and how it may have affected stud pitchers like the aforementioned…I think it has something to do with rhythyms and starting the season too early.  Have you ever gone on vacation with the desire to sleep in and yet you still wake up at 7am? At least until day 3 or 4?  Bodyclocks.  Rhythyms.

Cubs won today.  Finally.  The people were giddy at Slugger’s, Wrigleyville bar.  Just shows how starved they/we/I are for a winner on the North Side.

Peace, E Maj



One comment

  1. coachmajic@cox.net

    FINALLY!!! Altho the Cubbies always have a place in my heart, I am glad that I am not an AVID Cub fan.

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