function over form(6) Rick Telander’s piece–"ozzie needs real lesson on real world"

Ozzie: "The man writes every day what he reads.  He doesn’t write what he sees.  When one guy sits in his office and sends other people here to tell him what we do in the sport in Chicago, and he make a lot of money doing that—that’s cheating." Basically, Ozzie is saying Mariotti is a plagiarist….Telander tries to defend this by saying modern tech has made it possible to be ‘virtually there’ and cover a game from anywhere…umm, so just as some fans would root for their fantasy teams rather than their real teams, I guess it’s OK to fantasy report, rather than report….another point to this is that you NEVER see Mariotti out on the town watching the game interacting with the fans watching the game…technology is an enabler, it enables me to catch up when I decide to take a day off from the ballpark…that is called respecting technology, but not deferring to it, experience is still the best way to learn…

Ozzie’s *** friends are largely behind him, yet Telander still plays the social and moral patriarch, "Still, Guillen can’t use it" "They love him here(referring to the rabid Sox fans)…and he should learn to respect that love, even if it means learning how the real, cruel world works."—Say what???  As someone who used to have acknowledgment issues w/acknowledgment issues, I ask Mr. Telander to look inward….respect is earned, Ozzie has earned it through performance, that is why the fans love him…and what’s up with the last line…Rick, perception is reality….my world is bountiful and joyous and it’s reality is not cruel….with apologies to Luther Ingram—if loving this life is wrong, I don’t wanna be right…it would seem someone else might need a real lesson on the real world

Peace, E maj




    You are correct! The best place to find out what is happenning is to be with the troops—–IN THE TRENCHES>

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