Function over form(5)

"this time Ozzie HAS gone too far" on Roman Modrowski’s blog—Sun Times

(E maj’s post) I’m writing an essay on the whole Jay/Ozzie thing for To this writer, it all comes down to intent. Ozzie hasn’t wavered from the fact he doesn’t care for Jay Mariotti. Mariotti is an opportunist at best, using his medium to play the victim. I have never gotten the impression Jay is a sports fan. Anecdotally speaking, most that I’m in contact read him for the ‘lighting rod’ effect, i.e. people stopping to see a car crash, train wreck, etc. At least we know where Ozzie stands on things. Mariotti shows amoeba-like tendencies in his writings, flipping around to suit his immediate narcissistic convenience. He wrote 4 Choke articles on the WhiteSox last year, and when the Sox won it all, his mea culpa read, "Yeah I was wrong, but millions of others were wrong too." It’s hard to be a prognosticator, but it’s easier when one has some accountability. Most of Mariotti’s ‘arguments’ are cause and effect. Everyone thinks Ozzie is going to ‘self-destruct’. LOL. He knows exactly who he is and what he’s doing, and hasn’t wavered from the stance that Mariotti is a piece of ****. Whilst I would not use those terms, Jay’s tenure at the Sun-times is laughable. Given the constant use of invectives, over-use of hyperbole’, and general distaste for most things Chicago, for him to play the moral card is pathetic, yet to this writer, expected.



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