Public Service Announcement

Arrgh!….Someone please remove the protractor that I stuck in my Adam’s Apple, so I can scream! inexplicably froze me out for 5 days.  They said they were upgrading the site, and yet others were posting on theirs.   Apologies to the Heckler Nation.  E Maj and those at the BBHeckler are going to spend more energy on getting the actual website launched so this doesn’t happen again. 

We got a great response to the Joe D/Nomar article.  It’s hard to pump one of those bad boys out every day, but it’s representative of how we approach our editorials, and what you can and should expect for tuning in.  That, coupled with our toilet humor being the smelliest around, is our recipe for infotaining you, the baseball fan.  Thanks for tuning in, and remember, 2 times zero should be 2.

Peace, E Maj



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